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Hello and welcome to my shop.

Thank you for visiting,please feel free to contact me for any questions,tips or simply anything regarding my items.

If you have a request for a custom made item or want something recreated just for you,feel free to contact me and i will be happy to assist you.All custom orders will be shipped upon agreement.

If you are happy with your purchase i would love to hear from you again,be confident that you'll always find something new and unique here.

All my items are made with proper and high quality materials for your satisfaction.

Please read the shop's policies before purchasing!

***Proper care for your polymer clay items***

An item made with polymer clay, if you handle and treat it properly can and will last for a lifetime.

* Avoid leaving your polymer clay item or jewelry in humid environment. If your polymer clay item gets wet, dry it as soon as possible. Although polymer clay can withstand prolonged contact with water, other parts of your item may not be able to, i.e. laces, leather, ribbons, chains, metallic parts etc.
* If it needs cleaning, use lukewarm water with a tiny drop of liquid dish soap and a soft brush, or just wipe it with a damp cloth.
*Do not share earrings with others and clean the hooks regularly.
* Do not leave polymer clay objects near a heating device and do not expose to direct sunlight for long.
* Perfume and deodorant sprays should be used before putting a polymer clay jewelry on.
* Keep your polymer clay item away from household cleaners or chemicals.
* Keep your small polymer clay items or jewelry away from children and pets.
*Store your polymer clay items wrapped in a soft cloth to avoid scratches and dust.
* Do not scratch, stretch, bend, pierce, peel off, soak, step on, throw or drop polymer clay items.

Thank you for your time,i hope that you'll have a great shopping experience :)